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Faculty of Secure Information Technologies School of Computer Technologies and Control

Bachelor degree

Information security technologies

The program is aimed at training professionals who can work in the field of information security in the most interesting positions, such as information security specialist, virus analyst, functional security engineer, developer of information security tools, and many others. Our graduates are engaged in the design, implementation, and implementation of security systems at all levels, as well as developing new, promising technologies for ensuring cybersecurity.

The training process is based on a practice-oriented approach. Students work with teachers from the industry who pass on their experience in solving real problems, which makes it much easier to find a job and makes our graduates in demand in the labor market.

10.03.01 Information security

The course is dedicated to training in the field of complex information security: cryptography, computer networks, operating systems, vulnerability detection technologies in automated systems, approaches to the design of complex information security systems are studied in depth. Here you will learn how to apply existing information security tools in practice, as well as develop your own! Our graduates work in leading companies and are engaged in ensuring information security of systems and objects of any complexity, detecting vulnerabilities in automated systems, ensuring information security of mobile devices and monitoring security in computer networks.

23.03.03 Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes

This course is dedicated to training highly sought-after specialists in the field of functional security, who are able to ensure the protection of "smart" systems, such as deserted factories and unmanned vehicles, from various attacks and failures. For this purpose, students acquire skills in the following areas: programming, information security, computer vision, and mathematical modeling.

11.03.03 Design and technology of electronic means

The program is aimed at training specialists in the field of software and device development in protected performance. It includes both General disciplines in the field of information security, and special ones that study software development methodology, design, microelectronics, and computer-aided design systems.

Try yourself in CTF!

The team of ITMO University Leet More has been participating in sports hacking competitions called CTF (Capture the flag) since 2009 and is one of the leading in Russia and in the world. By participating in CTF, players acquire relevant skills in the field of practical information security. Participation and victory in CTF is an opportunity not only to improve your skills, but also to get recognition in the community of cybersecurity specialists, and the best offers from employers. Experienced players in the SPbCTF community regularly train to pass on their knowledge to newcomers and prepare them for competition.

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