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Expert conclusion

Regulations for the preparation of an Expert opinion on the possibility of open publication of scientific papers (Commission on the direction "PROGRAMMING AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES»)

Head-expert: A.V. Ptitsyn, Ph. D., associate Professor, associate Professor, faculty of information technology security.

You must provide printed materials for consideration by the expert Commission:

TWO copies of the expert opinion, which prescribe the Commission as part of:

- head-expert: A.V. Ptitsyn, Ph. D., associate Professor, faculty of information technology security;

- expert: ONE of the FOLLOWING who will sign your report

Bukhanovsky A.V., Ph. D., Director of translational Megafault information technology;

Muromtsev D. I., candidate of technical Sciences, Assoc. Faculty of software engineering and computer engineering;

Horuzhnikov S. E., Phys.-M. D., Director of the national center for cognitive development.

2. An article, abstract or other materials with a handwritten signature of one of the authors on the first page: full name, signature, contact information (phone number/ email address)., in the case of multiple authors, the signature of one of the authors is sufficient.

(If the material is published in a foreign language) - a printed translation of the article into Russian with the signature of one of the authors: "I Confirm that this text is a translation of the article...", number, signature.

The article, theses and other published material is brought in ONE copy, and is not returned, as it is subject to storage and verification to confirm Your copyright.

3. Sign both copies of the expert report from the expert (you can sign any of the listed experts (except the head of the expert)).

They can be found in the corresponding departments, or according to the schedule of classes.

4. All prepared materials: 2 copies of the expert opinion and your material to bring to the audience 1602 Secretary of the Commission Elena Koval.

5. In addition, you need to specify information for the Protocol (you can use the Secretary's e-mail or or on a separate leaflet) – Where the material will be published, at which conference (s), Symposium the full title along with the dates and place of their holding, or an article in the journal, publisher's full data, etc.

6. The availability of the expert opinion will be notified by email. The conclusion (1 copy) can be collected in the tray for expert opinions, which is located on the table, 1st building, 6th floor, near the audience 1602, Lomonosov, 9.

7. To complete the expert opinion, you must collect the missing signatures in the Main building of ITMO University (49 Kronverksky Ave.):

- Patent Department: audience 473. Anyone from this Department will sign for you;

- Head Of Department of Research work, Belashenkov N. R.: audience 468;

- Printing in the General Department: audience 295.


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