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Faculty of Secure Information Technologies School of Computer Technologies and Control

Short programs

SIT provides summer schools and year-round short courses both in St. Petersburg at ITMO University and all over the world for students and staff of the partner universities.

SIT offers courses that cover a wide range of cybersecurity cross-disciplinary fields:

  • Modern cryptographic methods of information security;
  • Cryptography for constraint devices. Light-weight cryptography;
  • Code-based cryptography.  Information security on error-correcting codes;
  • Cryptographic protocols;
  • Security of distributed registry in the age of the quantum computer;
  • Malware analysis;
  • Web application security;
  • Web development;
  • DevOps;
  • Digital forensics;
  • Information security laws and regulations;
  • Information Security Risk Management.


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Classroom, online or blended teaching by SIT faculty staff.

There are two options for how the teaching could be arranged:
•    On the campus of ITMO University in St. Petersburg (Russia) – visiting trainees.
•    On the campus of partner university – visiting lecturers.
•    Online.

The programs aims are to:
•    Provide a short course or CPD in the fields of cybersecurity technologies.
•    Provide examples of best practices, case-studies, attack-defense tasks by academic staff of ITMO University, in the field of cybersecurity.
•    Develop the necessary professional skills of participants.

Content and structure
The courses include lectures and exercises (labs) to help to develop the necessary skills of participants.  Components:
•    Keynote lectures and discussion sessions on cybersecurity technologies (8 lectures).  
•    Practical workshops on cybersecurity and cyber defense techniques (20 hands-on classes).
Our approach to training
Our aim is to provide active and hands-on learning based on best practices from our trainers. Participants are always highly involved in the study process, we use various technics to rise the involvement and engagement: such as teamwork, problem learning, flipped learning, etc. Trainers always are responsive to participant needs and always are ready to answer professional questions, to assist in solving the study tasks.

Participants successfully completed the course will receive a certificate of attendance.

Class size
The minimum number is 15 participants.

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