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Faculty of Secure Information Technologies School of Computer Technologies and Control

Cyber-physical systems security


  1. Protection of information technology processes
  2. Multi-agent systems
  3. Methods, models, techniques, algorithms, protocols, and applications for ensuring information security of cyber-physical systems.
  4. Development and research of cryptographic algorithms and methods for ensuring information security in cyber-physical systems


  1. Development of a methodology for designing distributed data processing, storage, and transmission structures that simultaneously ensure information security and reliability of cyberphysical systems.
  2. Development of multi-factor authentication systems in cyber-physical systems that use factors for various purposes and functionality.
  3. Development of protocols for secure access to information, its secure processing, transmission and storage in cloud,"fog", etc. data storage and processing systems.
  4. Development of protocols for reliable event processing and storage in a distributed structure with many different types of devices, including those with limited resources and greater mobility.

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